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(July- August 2012)

BBC News
Bringing growth to India's villages (November, 2009)

The Tribune, Chandigarh
Khul ja simsim, October, 2002

Business Standard, Delhi
Coming Soon: Prosperity in rural climes (June, 2006)

Business Line, Delhi
Village India surfs the Net for jobs! (March, 2003)

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Cracking a group discussion (May, 2009)

The Economic Times, New Delhi
Companies in new sectors creating rural jobs rush (November, 2010)

The Telegraph, Kolkatta
Mind your manners (October, 2009)


Like anything related to rural, even placement services remain less organised for rural sector employees and employers. Millions of unemployed grope in the dark, not aware where to look for a job. Similarly, innumerable vacancies remain unfilled with employers, not knowing where to get right employees from. Keeping this in mind, entrepreneur Ajay Gupta, who has done his doctorate in management from the Delhi School of Economics, recently launched a unique portal for rural, social, agri-business and allied jobs. works in an employee-friendly fashion. Employers post their jobs on the website at a cost of Rs 400 per job posting for one month. The service is free for employees.

Job-seekers can log on to the site from any part of the country and apply online for the job that is in line with their education, work experience, location etc. All they have to do is to go to the site, register themselves and feed their resume in terms of education and work experience, they can view the jobs relevant to them. They just need to click on 'Apply' button for each job that is of their choice. Computer picks up the resume automatically and sends it to the employer.

As soon as a job is posted, automatic sorting software picks up those resumes from database of employees whose details match with the posted job and e-mails are sent to such employees advising them to apply. The jobs posted have offered salaries ranging from Rs 4,000 to Rs one lakh per month. The portal may well prove to be a "khul ja simsim" for both the employees and the employers.

Contributed by Girja Shankar Kaura, S Satyanarayanan, Prashant Sood and Rajeev Sharma.

Why rural development is lagging

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