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User Friendly Guide to Choose Employee of Your Choice

ruralnaukri has precious database now has over 90,000 Indian candidates who work for Agriculture and/or Development sector.

Since applying through a website is inexpensive, many candidates remain over optimistic and have a tendency to apply even if their profile does not match remotely with advertised matter.

Following step by step guide will help you reach the potential candidates quickly.

  1. Expect to get a large number of applications against each advertisement, usually over 100 for each vacancy.

    Delete Irrelevant Applications

  2. As a first step, try to delete irrelevant applications quickly so that you can concentrate on the right profiles. For this, first reach to 'Education' column. You will be able to see educational qualifications and year of passing out. Should this be outside your requirement, delete this application else retain it.
  3. Next reach to 'Work Experience' column. This will inform you organization, designation, years of experience and nature of experience. In case you are sure that this is outside the limits set by you, delete this application.
  4. Steps 2 & 3 will make you delete about 60% applications.

    Sort Out the Potential Applications

  5. Now, come back to each application patiently and flag the ones that you find probable.
  6. Move all flagged applications to another folder. By now you are left with about 25% applications.
  7. Each candidate can be called up on telephone and interviewed briefly. Over the phone, they can also be asked to send you their resume in word format.
  8. Based on this screening, you are expected to be be left with about 10-15 potential candidates who can be called for a personal interview.

    Personal Interview

  9. Preference-wise first five or so can be called in round 1 and needbased other candidates can be called later should you wish to have a wider choice.
  10. It is possible that against a particular vacancy, no selection happens. Above process is expected to lead to recruitment in more than half the cases. However, if you have several vacancies coming up during a year and are able to even recruit few candidates during the year, you will realize that the site offers tremendous value for money.

Above approach of selection is being gainfully utilized by our valued clients .

Disclaimer: Above process is only a guide to share experience based learning with our esteemed clients. However, no assurance of any kind may be interpreted.


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